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If you are a former technical employee of Rose Radiology and you had a bad experience - and are willing to talk about your experience with this ( in my opinion ) unethical patient treatment facility contact me. - I will tell the whole damm world about my experience there and will stand on top of the church and swear to it. In my 42 years as a tech I never saw anything like it.

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I went to my doctor after having a dislocated shoulder. He sent me to rose radiology Riverview to get an mri done. The insurance had me do an x-ray first and it did not show anything. I still had a problem with my shoulder so he had me do an mri. The mri only showed a bruised socket and bone. Still had problem. Got sent to Florida Orthopaedic by Doctor. They did their mri and found a torn rotator cuff and torn bicep tendon. That costed me three... Read more

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They are full of ***. A DVD can contain many MRI s. I know I worked at this site. My suggestion is to obtain your exam and have it reviewed by a ethical Radiologist for ACR standards compliance. Have them check pixel size and ask the Dr if your exam was done on a high field MRI or a mid - field. If it was done at RRC.on Kennedy it was not a high field MRI even though it is advertised as such. If you had contrast and weigh more than 110lbs your... Read more

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Yes I had an experience at Rose Radiology. I was a MRI tech for him. If you had an exam on his stand up MRI contact an attorney. While I worked at this center Dr Rose cheated on his ACR accredidation exam - he scanned employees not pts for the test. He also only uses 10cc. max. dose of contrast no matter what you weigh - this is not in accordance with manufacturers instruction which were approved by the FDA. The stand up or upright magnet is not... Read more

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I am very shocked but I must say that Dr. Rose has very low standards of work. Service and quality of the medical written reports are TERRIBLE! Please do not go there! It is a waste of time and money. I had a scan done to determine if there were any changes in my tumor. Both of my doctors received the written report and complained to me that the written report of my results of the scan was incomplete/information was missing. There were no... Read more

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My son had an x-ray at the Trinity Rose Radiology location (2144 Duck Slough Blvd.). After the pediatrician reviewed the x-rays, we were told to see a specialist. I went back to Rose to pick up the x-rays. I signed in. I was never acknowledged. I had to go to the window to ask if I would be able to pick up my x-rays. They preceded to make a cd of the images. It was then put in a cardboard foldable packet. I left. A few weeks later, we... Read more

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After getting an MRI on my cervical spine (neck area), I followed with 2 Dr.s appointments for review of images. I was told by both Dr.s that the "pictures" were not all on the DVD. I was sent to another imaging center for more. Being in the area, I decide to go back to Rose to inquire about the negative response I had gotten from my Dr.s concerning the MRI. I asked if they had more images from my MRI that had not been given to me. I was told... Read more

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This concerns an experience at the Rose Radiology Clinic located at 4714 N. Armenia Ave Tampa, Fl. 33603 My physician ordered an MRI at this facility and Rose Radiology contacted me within a day or two to set up the appointment. Arriving at the facility per the appointment time I was ask to provide my insurance card and photo ID. Which I did. A short time later I was again called to the front desk and given paperwork to fill out, fairly... Read more

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